Wyncourt’s Philosophy of Care represents the very essence of how Wyncourt cares for its residents, treats its customers and staff and conducts its business. 

It represents or beliefs and provides us with the foundation, on which we can build and fulfill our goals.

The residents are the main focus of Wyncourt and we are committed to providing you with quality care that is personal to your individual needs and we are committed to providing a high standard of nursing care by:

Assessing our residents as a whole person and identifying areas where care is needed

Planning our clients care by identifying the objectives of care and saying how this carried out

Providing the resident with effective care and

Evaluating the outcome continuously to see if the care provided is succeeding.

Treating the resident with due respect and courtesy.

Remembering at all times the resident's individuality and importance in society

To view the resident holistically –considering physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs

Providing an environment where they are able to maintain the maximum level of independence and dignity

Providing privacy where and when required or requested.

Providing encouragement in supporting mobility already attained or assisting to improve mobility

Providing a well balanced and varied diet supportive to good health

Providing a safe and secure environment where you feel at home

Providing and delivering excellent End of Life Care in accordance with your wishes and beliefs.


Each resident needs are assessed at different points first in hospital or their home, and then on admission and  these assessments are continuously updated throughout their stay at Wyncourt.

We encourage the resident and  family to assist in assessing these needs.


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