At Wyncourt  Nursing Home we offer a wide range of activities to cater for all tastes and interests. We regularly hold meetings with all the residents to ask their preferences and keep them informed of future events.

We also distribute a newsletter publishing the dates of forthcoming events so that they are able to choose which interest them.

  • Activities may include

Art Therapy
Giving residents the opportunity to be creative and express themselves.

Craft Sessions
Using a very wide range of materials and textures.

Flower Arranging
A variety of ladies demonstrate their floristry talents.

Music Sessions
Entertainers coming in and performing for the residents’ music of their era

Quiz / Card Games
 Time spent playing Scrabble, Bingo and Crosswords. Playing Whist, Bridge, Uno etc.

Personal Care
Manicures and hand massage. and Spa days

Physical activity to music while seated. Ball games such as skittles and catch, target practice on a mat using bean bags. Hula-hoop.

Outdoor and Nature
Visits to the local pub "The Moss Trooper". Visits to the local park, garden centre's and village.Relaxing in our well established gardens of the home, when the weather permits.

Days out to various places of interest, pub lunches, shopping trips,  afternoon tea at the garden centre.

Resident Meetings

We encourage all residents to discuss ideas or issues on a daily basis rather than wait for formal meetings, as these issues and ideas can be acted or implemented immediately. However we do hold a quarterly residents' meeting which is attended by staff, residents and relatives. Residents are given the opportunity to discuss any issues that may have arisen.

Annual Events

Seasonal engagements. Summer Barbecues, Children in Need fund raiser, The annual Macmillan coffee morning,and other celebratory parties ie Christmas ,

Participating with residents  in important social events; State Funerals, Weddings, Jubillee's,World Cups, Olympics etc.

We embrace themes to include the residents in what is going on around us; Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc.

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