End of Life Care and Six Steps/NHS Gold Standards Framework: 

The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is a systematic evidence based approach to optimising the care for persons nearing the end of their lives.

All residents deserve the best care that we can provide the 'gold standard of care'. This means the resident and their families receive high quality support, potential problems are anticipated and reduced, and staff are able to provide the right care at the right time in the right way.

Everyone has the right to live the final years of your life as comfortably and happily as possible, just as they would wish.

To provide the best possible care we need to know what is important to all concerned and what the resident's needs and preferences are for the future.

The aim of any discussion about thinking ahead, often called an 'Advance Care Plan' discussion, is to develop a better understanding and recording of residents priorities, needs and preferences and those of their families.

This should support planning and provision of care and enable better planning ahead to best meet these needs. This enables a more proactive approach and ensures that it is more likely that the right thing happens at the right time.

We encourage 'Advance Care Plan' discussions to take place at an early stage and therefore following admission to Wyncourt one of our trained Nurses will offer you these discussions. We are aware of the sensitivity of some of the issues, some may not wish to discuss all fully but prefer to review and reconsider at a later date.


Wyncourt Nursing Home Resident  Family and Friend  Support:

We are aware that illness, ageing, losses and life changes are something we all share in everyday life, and whatever the difficulty, we all cope in different ways.

When someone is nearing the end of their lives, due to illness or age they can feel isolated, uncertain, afraid or anxious, and family and close friends can also be affected.

Wyncourt Nursing Home staff can offer help support with concerns and anxieties, residents families or friends may have.

Our Nursing team is here to support the client and families throughout their stay with us.  We believe that each person is a unique individual with their own needs and own fears. We are committed to providing individualised care and support for every person and to helping every resident meet their full potential.

We will help them cope with changes, facing decisions and making plans for the future and support the families  though all these processes.

We can support the resident, your family and friends when you are facing bereavement and help you all to understand what is happening, and offer support where needed.


Spiritual Care:

We believe that everyone has a spiritual dimension that helps us understand our place within the world. For some this is expressed through a faith or religious belief system while for others it’s something else entirely. Some moments in our lives provide us with the chance to reflect.

We offer spiritual/religious support to all our residents regardless of their faith, religion or beliefs and seek to uphold what makes you “you”.

We work closely with all the local faith groups in the community and residents own churches and faiths are always welcome at Wyncourt.

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